How to Automatically Categorise Keywords? If you landed on this blog post, then you probably want to know the answers to the following questions: How to automatically categorise keywords using Python and save time? How the suggested solution is different to other keyword categorisation options? There are indeed already solutions available for this task. For example, keyword tagging using Google Sheets or keywords categorisation for the buyers journey using Excel formula.

Pytrends - unofficial API for Google Trends - and trend analysis formula are going to be the topic of this post. First time I heard about the way of calculating search interest using Pytrends and slope formula was when I read Paul Shapiro’s post on the same topic. I tried to use the script from his post, but with no success. The reason for this I guess is because there were changes on Google’s backend after the script was published.

The following post is an attempt to find a way of analysing competitors’ backlinks using Python as the main analysis tool. It was inspired by Will Nye’s post How to undertake large-scale competitive link analysis. In his post he gives us an Excel solution for this task, mentioning at the end that “it may be best to use SQL, R or Python.” While the suggested solution works perfectly if followed his instructions, I wanted to look for a Python solution, mainly to overcome scalability limitations of Excel.

Karina Kumykova

Technical SEO Manager

London, UK